Hey there… my name is Spiker Helms and I am a director for the Rawlings Tigers. I’ve been in the game of baseball since I was 5 years old. I’m 31 years old now, so that’s 26 years! I am a bi-product of club baseball. 

I’ve been in almost every area of this game from little league recreational superstar to inspiring collegiate athlete and journey man in the professional baseball. This game has brought unbelievable joy to me and has provided me stories and experience that I want to share. 

I started this blog to share the stories of my past, but also give you insight on travel baseball. My mission is to provide you with a place where you can find our trusted reviews on products, how to videos, and share thoughts and ideas from our experiences. 

I’m a simple kind of guy, so I broke this website into two categories: Blog and Podcast.

In the Blog section you will find reviews, how to’s, and stories from either myself, staff members, or club members. 

In the Podcast section you’ll find the podcast called, “The Closing Pitch.” This is a show about people and culture. Think of it as a conversation centered around a single topic around society and we explain it and then deliver our closing pitches on the matter. 

I hope you enjoy this website. Please bookmark this website in your browser and enter your email below for updates on new posts. 


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