About Us


1. “We Build Relationships” 

It takes one interaction to make a difference. A fundamental principle of being fully present in every conversation, text message, and email will help foster a culture where people can build skills and grow into the best versions  of themselves. We strive to grow relationships within our team and the organization. These are the experiences and friendships that can last forever. 

2.“We Compete at Everything.” 

We crave the next opportunity to prove our abilities. The best lessons are learned through battle. The ability  to see an objective, understand the problem, and solving it is a skill we foster. We welcome competition. We always compete: in games, in life, at school, at work. Strive to be the best version of ourselves.  

3.“We Create the Standard.” 

The opportunity to grow the game is a singular focus.  By forging our own path, we are creating our own bar and raising it every day.  We look to set the highest standard for club sports.

4.“We Embrace Opportunities” 

Being observant with our eyes, ears, and minds to new ideas is a challenge we embrace. We have the ability to take action on opportunities when they present themselves. We’re always seeking to learn.

5.“We Keep our Eyes Level” 

Emotions are the fabric of who we are as people, but we understand there is a bigger picture. We don’t let our emotions get in the way of accomplishing our mission. We keep a steady mindset with our objective in mind: educate, train, and grow the game. 

6.“We Have Humble Confidence” 

We stay humble in our success and confident during adversity. We maintain a strong pride in our abilities but understand we don’t have all the answers. There is an opportunity to learn from people and experiences. We always seek to be finding the right tools, methods, and ideas to make us better people. It’s a long journey; stay proud. 

7.“We Play It Forward” 

We have a responsibility to respect and advance the game by giving back to others through teaching, mentoring,  and leading.  We look to build the community and be a steward of the game to help it grow. 

8.“We Sweep the Dugout.” 

Leadership starts with action; it is the ability to take initiative.  Taking on the hard work with no reward is the essence of sweeping the dugout after a game.  It’s being selfless and taking pride in your game, space, and teammates.  

9.“We Win the Next Pitch.” 

We draw from our past experiences to strengthen the next one.  Regardless of the result, there are lessons to be learned.  We take these new lessons to the next opportunity.   We look forward to the next challenge.

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