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“     Aaron,  My son “Johnny” played on the Rawlings Tigers National Team last week. I wanted to thank you for the great experience that Rawlings provides for these young athletes. Johnny had a great time and expressed to me that the coaches really made all the players feel comfortable and feel like a team in the short time they were together. It  was a fulfilling experience as a parent to watch my son compete against that high level of competition. Thank you so much and I’m really glad to be a part the Tigers.   Sincerely,  John Hughes ”

John Hughes, National Team Parent

August 2022

“ We certainly appreciate the Tigers organization, the great staff and instructors and the many resources available to the players and coaches.  You certainly make it easier for us and allow us to do what we truly enjoy and that's coach.   ”

Kurt Steinmann-Tiger Youth Coach

March 2022

“ This winter season was very productive and I thought the Tiger program did a great job. Hutch, Ryan and of course Callihan did a great job with my team training. I was very impressed.  Keep up the great work.  ”

Jared Silva-Tiger Youth Coach

March 2022

“ Thanks Grayling,    The boys had a blast working with you, they can’t wait to put their hard word work into tournament play.     This Sunday should be more of if the same with some improvements on bunting and whatever you add.  The more competitive, the more fun they have… thanks goes to all the Tigers for making the kids journey productive and fun.    Ps. I’m in this to change their lives. ”

Eric Orf-Tiger Youth Coach

March 2022

“ Thank you for the kind note.  I am glad that I get to be part of a wonderful organization.  I am also happier that the boys on the team get to be part of an organization that will instill in them the skills needed to become successful individuals no matter their journey.     ”

John Knoesel-Tiger Youth Coach

March 2022

“ Thank you for your email Coach Pratte. This definitely clears a lot of the muddy water. Once we were inducted in the Rawlings Tigers world this year, it really caused us to look at things from a different perspective. The “one stop profile shop” that the Tigers program has set up is exceptional and houses more information than any other program. The comparison to a few unnamed recruiting services is not really worth the time. The development of the Rawlings Tigers profile system is definitely what right looks like. Thank you for the continued updates on recruiting information from a former college coach’s perspective with ways to tailor down the bombardment of choices that the athletes have today and allowing us to see the forest for all of the trees.    Thanks again, Mike Craft aka Eli’s dad Monticello, IL Rawlings Tigers 15U HOI  ”

Mike Craft, Tiger Parent

March 2022

“ Aaron and Evan,On behalf of my entire family, I wanted to thank you both for the amazing experience the 14U National Team provided all of us this past weekend at the Perfect Game MLK East Championship. We were honored to be apart of the event and were very proud of the entire Tiger organization throughout the tournament. Evan did an amazing job assembling the teams and setting expectations with all of the boys (and families) who had never had this type of experience before. The 14U coaches (Tim, Kody, Mike) did a fantastic job of getting the boys relaxed and ready to play. I have never seen a group of young men bond and gel so quickly…it was like they had been playing together for years. All of the coaches had an extremely positive impact on Chase’s experience. The support of the social media coverage and different Tigers organizations across the country was incredible. We could feel the support from everywhere and it really gave the boys a boost and since of pride looking at all the posts. Best of all Chase gained a ton of experience, made great new friends and had a blast doing what he loves most…playing baseball. We are already looking forward to the next opportunity to play in a national tournament.Thanks again for the experience and all your dedication in further developing these young men as ball players. Go Tigers!Best Regards,Chip Roeder ”

Chip Roeder, Tiger Parent

January 2022

“ Tigers,   I wanted to reach out and thank all of you for your invest in Owen over the years.  From day one he embraced the values, training, and coaching you gave and it has shaped him not only as a player but as a person.  I can't say enough great things about the Tigers, staff, and all the coaches.  You guys have made such an impact on his life.  He's loved being a part of the organization, it's been more than a team for him, and in many ways, it's been more than baseball.  He's extremely excited to go to Jefferson College.  Thanks again.     -- Ben Powers ”

Ben Powers, Tiger Parent

September 2021

“ Awesome, thank you! I really appreciate your effort. It looks fantastic. Little things like this is what sets the Rawlings Tigers apart from other options parents can choose. Our parents will be impressed.    ”

Chris Keith-Regarding Recruiting Rosters-Coach

May 2021

“ You guys  are such a great support team providing amazing products and services. Best decision I could have made was moving forward as the Tigers. ”

Kevin Artinghelli-Northern Illinois Director

April 2021

“ Dear Tiger Nation, Thank you for the past two years. I have made memories that will last me a lifetime. To all the coaches in the organization, thank you for making my dreams come true. To my brother's, it's been real these past two years from 7:00 am morning games to the late-night corn hole and MLB The Show. To my parents, thank you for the countless hours of driving me to games and practice. To the age groups below me, keep grinding and like the great Coach Ed Orgeron says, "Go Tigers!" ”

Kaden Wise- After His Last Game- Southern Indiana Tiger Alumni

July 2020

“ When I brought my team to the Tigers it gave us an avenue to take a big step forward as a team and individual players. The training opportunities, coaching contacts and having your name on a high profile roster help further advance our players.  ”

Nathan Walls- Father of Alumni Webster Walls

July 2020

“ GREAT job managing through this all season! THANK YOU for figuring out a way for our boys to play a near complete schedule under such tough circumstances! ”

Scott Thomas, Tiger Parent

July 2020

“ Thanks for pulling together a summer season for us; I know you all had to jump through hoops to make it happen. ”

Ryan Gallemore, Tiger Parent

July 2020

“ Hi Aaron,   First I want to say thank you for having us as Tigers. Gus and Jackson would not be the players today without you and all the coaches over the last three years. The Tiger families were just that "Family" to us. Lifetime friendships by parents and players were made. It doesn't get any better than that :)   As you know, the boys will be playing football in college so we will not be able to play 18U. It is hard to believe their baseball careers will be over next year :( But it was a fun ride and the last 3 years have been the best! Thanks for always being approachable and talkative.   Jeff Hetzel ”

Jeff Hetzel-Tiger Parent

July 2020

“ I wanted to send you this to just give my feedback/compliments on the Tigers organization. I have no previous experience with a club team at the high school level but my son has played for a few of the larger St. Louis area clubs.  Everything so far has been top notch.  The communication is fantastic from all - Shannon, Sandy, coaches, etc.  I never feel like I don't know what is going on.  Especially given the strangeness of this year we have been kept up to date so well by the entire staff.  I appreciate all of the scrambling that has gone on behind the scenes to make sure we get lots of games in this season. The training this winter was great as well and I love that we get to pick what works for us.  My son's team (15U Launch) has improved as the season has gone on.  While the record may not show it the boys are all playing much better as the season progresses and having fun.  Niko and Jon are great coaches and very relatable for the boys.  They are always super positive but do a great job of coaching/teaching the kids to become better players.   I am so glad that we missed most tryouts last summer and were able to make a late summer tryout with the Tigers.  We are lucky to be part of the organization and I just wanted to send my kudos since I am sure you always hear the negative but not always the positive.  Please share our appreciation with the staff.   Thanks Michelle Jones ”

Michelle Jones-Tiger Parent

June 2020

“ Good Morning Coach, Just want to say thanks to you and all the Tiger staff for continuing to put content out to the boys. I know it's really helped Asher take all of this in stride for sure during our new normal. Go Tigers! ”

Corey Sink-Tiger Parent

March 2020

“ Thanks again Jaws for everything you do. You know I’m happy to help in any way. As I was trying to say last night, the thing I have really come to appreciate about the Tigers is that you and your staff all have such a high level of integrity. It’s rare in this world today and certainly rare in youth sports. ”

Tom Eisenhauer-Tiger Coach

March 2020

“ Fischers has been great to work with, and everyone is more than satisfied with the uniforms. Thanks again for allowing us the opportunity to play for the Tigers organization.I hope we make y’all proud.... ”

Jason Parham-Athens Alabama Coach

February 2020

“ My grandson, Tyler Mcalister played for you all, and it was BY FAR the best run group. ”

Harold Remley-Grandparent

February 2020

“ Glad that I got to be part of the growth! Best organization and best people in the area! ”

Brian Unger-Tiger Coach

February 2020

“ To say that your site and aspects of your organization are thorough is an understatement. I think you guys have put together a product that delivers on the end that most coaches and organizations struggle. ”

Scott Kapla-On Regional Program

January 2020

“ I have enjoyed working with you over the course of the last 6 months.  You are direct and quick to respond and I have a lot of respect for those qualities.   ”

Charles Hall-Jonesboro, AR Coach

January 2020

“ You guys are awesome man! I'm glad I made the switch from my Rippers club to your Tigers club. ”

Brandon Rawlins-Colorado Springs Director

January 2020

“ Awesome.  Awesome.  And awesome. Thanks for the quick response and for making my life so easy! Tigers! Michael ”

Michael Summar, Coach-On Team Registration Process

August 2019

“ I hope you both are doing well & getting to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. I just wanted to compliment on your tryout process, communication, and entire organization once again. Thank for the great communication.  ”

Scott Harris- On Tryout Process

August 2019

“ I wanted to pass this along to you, we have played for multiple organizations along with some independent teams and we seriously have not had the quality of coaching in baseball and in turn life that we have received this year from Coach Tobias and Coach Callihan. These guys are beyond anything we ever could have asked for and I am sure that every one of our players are not just better players but also better people. This has far exceeded the high expectations I already had. Thanks again. ”

Josh Kjellberg- On 2019 Season

July 2019

“ Every boy that has entered your program has exited as a man. You should be very proud of each and every one of them. You have made them ready for college and the next stage in their life. I am proud to have had my son go through your program. ”

Lawrence Mareschal- Alumni Parent

July 2019

“ Spiker, this is such great information for parents of high school players. I wish we had met you and the Tigers years sooner than we did. Your team's parents have no idea what a great asset you and the Tigers are and how you stand far above the rest! We love you and the Tigers! Z is a better player and more importantly, a better person for having met you all! Keep up the strong work. ”

Cassandra Cole- On 2019 Exposure Camp

May 2019

“ There’s no doubt that what you’re doing will have a positive impact on the quality of youth baseball in this country and a ripple effect on the overall trajectory of baseball participation and popularity long term. ”

Arden McWilliams-League Apps

March 2019

“ I appreciate your input and really think you guys have the best interest for the players. I feel strongly about how you guys do things. ”

Scotty Harrison

February 2019

“ Our team is progressing extremely well. Each week we conquer new things and advance foward! This week we really worked on bunting and the steal/bunt signs. On the field we are trying out some new pitchers and doing reptitive ground balls. Also worked heavily on proper form/positioning/transfers for turning double plays. They always seem to go beyond expectations. This club was the answer to my prayers. I love how well everything is ran and as I've said many times before, the communication is top notch. You have something awesome here and I am justy hapy to be part of it. ”

Steve Tedeschi

February 2019

“ Before the season is over and you and your staff get deep in work for next year, I just want to let you know what a great experience Tigers Baseball has been for my son. Mike Gilliam asked Peyton to join his team in 2012 and that started a chain reaction of blessings for him and our family. 5 years of great coaches, talented teammates and caring families led to some incredible experiences on the road for my son and I.  Living 2 hours away has been difficult, but your organization has always been compassionate and understanding of our situation. I have found direct communication with our coaches and instructors to be critical.  While Peyton still dreams of playing college baseball, the thrill of competing has always been his motivation. He truly loves being a part of a team and has learned & matured because of the 5 very unique year-long situations he has encountered with the Tigers. Thank you for creating an environment for learning the game the right way. I’ll wrap up by saying that I witnessed Coach Herrick handle a very difficult situation last night with professionalism, composure and class. It was a situation that needed to be addressed and he did it the right way, the Tiger Way. Best regards ”

Kent Stegeman

July 2018

“ I believe the positive energy that flows from the winter workouts, mixed with the willingness of the Tiger staff to give one more rep upon request from any Tiger player are the biggest contributors. Thank you Tiger staff for helping Sam have a great high school sophomore season. We are looking forward to Tiger summer baseball.  ”

Mark Shinabargar

May 2018

“ Thanks so much. I will take with me the work ethic I learned from the Tigers the rest of my life. ”

Brandon Slater

May 2018

“ Aaron, I have worked in all types of industries and being “lean” is critical to any business success. This is an incredible guide that focuses on eliminating wasted time on non-value added activity and more flexibility to focus on the things that provide value towards development. I have no idea who on your staff helped to create this but this is outstanding work. ”

Tommy Wolfe

March 2018

“ Hello Jaws, I wanted to reach out and say thank you for having me this summer. Playing for you and your organization was a blast and it was a summer I won't forget. It was a pleasure to play for the Tigers and your staff.  Thank you again.  ”

Alex Harbin

July 2017

“ Thanks Aaron. Yes, we were running on fumes that last game. We've had two early tourneys now and took 2nd in both. We've done the Premium Tigers Package the last two years and Mike Tyson has spent a lot of time working with our kids on hitting. It's rewarding to see a group of 10 year olds improve. I credit Mike for a lot of that success. He has so much knowledge yet manages to keep it simple and fun for the boys. We love being a part of the Tigers and appreciate all of the great instructors like Mike that help our kids get better. ”


April 2017

“ First of all...your organization is a class act. I let everyone in your office know that today while I was there. My son was able to realize what a great atmosphere he was a part of last year and knew it was special and rare in this day and age. Thank you for allowing him to play for your club. The club validated that he can play at that level and compete. We can't thank the Rawlings Tigers organization enough for the opportunity you gave Shaun and all the encouragement during the season. He said on the last day of the season in Texas that it was the most enjoyable season he has ever had. Thank you so much for your time, effort and dedication not only to Shaun, but to all the boys. ”

Donna Linkogel

April 2017

“ This is amazing news! Congrats to the Tigers organization for an outstanding achievement in extending the brand with an amazing partnership! Proud to be a Tiger. ”

Randy Beck

February 2017

“ Collin really enjoyed playing with the team this year, I know the past three years with his other summer teams he didn't enjoy as much as this year. He said the team played well together and they all got along together. To me that goes back to you and the Tigers organization, especially the coaches. Collin really enjoyed the coaches, they helped him out a lot and provided him with their knowledge of the game. Also, Collin really got a lot out of the winter workouts this past winter. One more item, I just want to tell you how I appreciate all of your help prior to the season on the recruiting end, you were very helpful in all aspects of that process. I hope you will be able to see Collin at one of his college games. Thanks again to you and the Tigers. ”

Len Herdt

August 2016

“ Aaron & Shannon, Another year with the Tigers. My son Ethan and I are excited to be back for the 4th year with your organization. We just finished the season Saturday and found out on Tuesday that Ethan made the 16U White. I have been amazed from day one how organized you and your staff are every year. I feel my son is getting the best training in St. Louis. We are proud to be Tigers. Curtis Smith was Ethan's coach last year and again this year. We are excited about that also. He is great with the team and it really shows when I watch them play. Zac was also great with his intensity and knowledge of the game. Keep up the good work. ”

Joe Courtney

July 2016

“ Aaron, It's our first year on the Tigers. What a great summer it's been! You have a wonderful organization! ”

Julie Maune

July 2016

“ It was an honor playing under the Tigers organization for the past 4 years. Good people produce a good product. The leadership and staff of the Tigers have proven this. Bob, thank you specifically for introducing me and our team to the Tigers. You helped get our foot in the foor and we truly benfited. ”

Frank Lawson

July 2016

“ First we want to say that the 15U Grey has been a great team this year. The chemistry of the kids, parents and coaches have been a real treat. Not sure if Coach Calhoun and Coach Reidt will be moving up to 16U but it would be great for the boys. They have done an excellent job teaching, encouraging and having fun with the boys. Derek has really enjoyed his season and feels like he has been valued as a team member. Thanks for that.  ”

Tim and Michelle Mitchell

July 2016

“ The Webbs are going to miss the Tigers as well. Between my 17 years of coaching and the many teams we have played for and against, not a single one compares to the Rawlings Tigers organization. You have created a program that goes beyond what would have ever been expected. From your professionalism, friendship, and desire to see these young boys and men succeed we could not have asked for anything better.  ”

Doug Webb

July 2016

“ Thanks for giving Michael the opportunity to play for the Tigers! Playing on the 15U Orange team, it has been a great experience for him. The boys on this team have been outstanding in all ways. Not only are they skilled, but they play with enthusiasm and pick each other up throughout the games. They are a very cohesive group. Such a great group of young men! Their coaches, Coach Herrick and Coach Walker, have done a great job with the boys. The boys look up to them and have enjoyed playing for them.  Our experience with the Rawlings Tigers organization has been very positive and rewarding due to the professionalism of your entire staff.  GO TIGERS!!! ”

Matt & Michelle Hughes | Parents of Michael Hughes (#28, 15U Orange)

July 2016

“ Good morning Aaron- I would have sent this at the end of season but I'm feeling this may be a good time now. I wanted to let you know that we couldn't be happier with coach Mike and coach Tommy at 15u black. They handle encouragement and correction so well. We are so happy for Jack to be in such good hands. They worry about all the right things for development! That's what we care about. ”

Jen Williams

July 2016

“ The team went 2-1 and bonded very well. We - including Brandon - love the coaches - Coach Tobias and Brent are a great mix. Our team is run like a good college program. ”

Matt Slater, St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Club

June 2016

“ Jaws, My wife and I as well as Seth of course really appreciate all you have done for him and for us and we could not think of anything or anywhere that would change our mind about your organization. To us, there is no other organization that compares to what you offer the kids. We hope that Seth helps the program shine for you as well as your coaching staff has done for him and us as parents.  ”

The Nast Family

June 2016

“ I was very impressed by how they had all the details planned out, and that is something you did not see at the youth level. That was my first impression. ”

Tom Miller- First Impression of Tigers

May 2016

“ I can never begin to repay the debt of gratitude for what you've done for Evan. Glad to help in any way I can.  ”


March 2016

“ Spiker, I truly appreciate your willingness to come and look at our program and get to know us as mules and what makes us tick. I hope that some of the coversation leads to a better understanding for your players of who we are and what it takes to have success in baseball at our level or any other level they choose to play at.  I think it's great that you are giving college baseball in the Midwest a mouthpiece on social media and I'm so happy you decided to choose UCM.  ”

Kyle Crookes, Coach, University of Central Missouri

March 2016

“ I just wanted to let you know that all I ever hear are positive remarks and support for your organization. This is from current and past players and parents. We are excited and happy to be apart of such a well run and supportive organization.  ”

Webb Family

May 2013

“ I do have to say it has been a wonderful experience being a part of the Tiger organization. You truly walk you talk and care about the kids! I am so amazed how you have developed this program at the level you have in such a short time. Kudos to you! ”


October 2012

“ Thanks for everything you do for the Tigers...can't imagine a better organization to be with, from both a player and parents perspective. When I look back over the past three years it is amazing how far you've taken this in a short period of time. Lots to look forward to, and am glad we made the decision to stay with the Tigers. ”


October 2012

“ I would just like to let you know that my son Brady is thrilled to be a Tiger on your 5 Yr old team and is having a blast. Being an umpire out at Chesterfield I have the opportunity to umpire a lot of different teams and organizations. I can tell you that all of the Tigers and Indians games that I have done this year(been a lot) both the coaches and the players handle themselves with such class. Winning or lossing, I do not hear anything disrespectfull towards the umpires or the other teams. I cannot say the same for all the club teams out there but I wanted you to know you have a first class organization and your teams are a joy to work with. ”

Trent Rybicki

October 2012

“ Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you letting Nick have a shot at the team. As you know we have played with several "elite" teams in the area, but nothing compares to this organization. We are really impressed with the entire organizations commitment to the players and their families. The events that you have recently put on were outstanding. Thanks again. ”

John & Brandi

September 2012

“ Thanks for the information. I cannot tell you what a great help you have been in keeping Dave, Luke, and I informed on how to help with getting into college baseball and keeping us updated on everything. The information you have been giving us has been a very good resource. I just wish we had all this insight earlier when Luke was younger. But you live and learn. Thanks for all your help. Go Tigers! ”


September 2012